Pilgrim Glass

by Paul

Pilgrim glass company was a West Virginia glass company that produced some very nice glass. They were especially known for their cranberry glass items. We have acquired one of their catalogs and published it on Pilgrim-Glass.com.


The Pligrim glass site also shows examples of several cranberry glass items and identifies the three kinds of labels Pilgrim used to mark some of their glass.  They started making glass animals and other novelty glass items in the Venetian tradition in the 1950's when they hired two Italian brothers who had trained at the Maurino glass works in Italy.

Pilgrim glass closed in 2001 so their catalogs are still easy to obtain and were done in full color.  Combine that with an active market on Ebay and it should be possible to build a good website that helps visitors identify their Pilgrim glass and also get a good idea of it's value.

Here are some Pilgrim Glass items which are for sale now.

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